What services does your local marketing subscription include?

Social posts each week, a permanent web page, website advertisement, customized video creation and social media marketing on our multiple channels.

How does the free trial work?
The trial is risk-free with no upfront fees. Check us out for 30 days and see if we provide the service you need.

Is this service limited to specific types of businesses?
No, it caters to all local establishments and points of interest such as restaurants, bars, diners, wineries, golf courses, and more.

What is the cost after the free trial?
You can continue after the free trial for $49 per month.

What is a permanent web page, and how does it benefit my business?
It’s a curated, SEO-optimized page on stufftodo.us dedicated to showcasing your business, maximizing search engine visibility.

How is the website ad strategically placed?
The ad is strategically placed on a high-traffic page close to your business, ensuring visibility to all visitors.

Can I provide specific images or links for my web page and advertisement?
Yes, simply share images or links about your company that you think will help.

How is the video creation process handled?
Videos are created based on your company and location, designed with SEO in mind, and shared across multiple channels.

Is there a specific area I can target for potential customers?
Yes, you can specify the best area to target potential customers to visit your establishment.

Can I cancel the subscription at any time?
Yes, it’s a month-to-month subscription, and you can cancel anytime.

How quickly will I have a web page and website ad after signing up?
Within a few days, you’ll have a dedicated page and an ad directing traffic to your site.

How does the service help with growing traffic and search engine traction?
Through continuous sharing, your business gains exposure, and the growing site popularity contributes to increased search engine visibility.

Is this service effective for small businesses with a limited budget?
Yes, the pricing is affordable, starting at just $49 per month.