Get more customers to your visit your local business

We help increase awareness and traffic to your local establishment with a complete marketing program. We target customers searching directly in your area for stuff to do with continuous SEO, search and social exposure. 

*We charge no fee upfront and offer a No Risk FREE 30 Day Trial*

Our local advertising service works for all local establishments and points of interest. We can help restaurants, bars, diners, wineries, golf courses, local retailers and basically any company offering fun & unique activities that target local visitors. Below are all the services included with your subscription.

1. Permanent Web Page

We will create a curated, fully SEO-optimized page dedicated to showcasing your business on Our page will maximize search engine visibility, ensuring continual growth and exposure on all major search engines.

2. Website Advertisement

We will strategically place a website ad on one of our local high-traffic pages close to your business. Our ads are completely contained within our posts so they will not be stopped by any ad blocker and will hit all visitors to the page searching your area.

3. Customized Video

We will create videos and reels/posts based on your company and location and share them ongoing through all our channels. Our videos are designed with SEO in mind to continually increase your presence online and gain increased traffic over the days and months to come.

4. Social Sharing

We will share your promotions, specials, pages and videos across several platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Rumble and a host of other channels. This will be done continuously and targeted to your local area with your company tagged.

How it works...we keep it simple

  1. Give us images or links to pages about your company for us to learn all about your business.
  2. Tell us the best area to target potential customers to come visit your establishment.
  3. In a few days, we will have a page for you and a website ad on another one of our trending pages directing our traffic to your site. We will share this on all of our social media as well as any other specials or promotions you would like us to share on an ongoing basis.
  4. In about 1-2 weeks we will have a video done as well reflecting your company and then share this as well ongoing with proper search terms and SEO.
  5. Let our growing traffic start to learn about your business while visiting your area as well as gain more traction in search engines with our growing reach.
  6. Enjoy how little you paid for extra traffic and sales 🙂

About Stuff To Do In The United States (

Our company finds the most exciting things to do wherever people are traveling or living in the United States. Readers visiting our site will be specifically searching in your area for stuff to do and they can then learn more about your business. As our site popularity and traffic grows, you will continue to get increased exposure at a fraction of traditional advertising cost. Our goal is to continually grow our site with new and unique things for people to do and we will be drastically increasing our advertising over the next several months. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at (484) 798-0575‬.

'Our general ad spend is well over $20 per day throughout Facebook, Google and more. The opportunity to get extra exposure for just $25 per month was something we just couldn't pass up. We would spend over $1,000 for a similar package plus a monthly fee so this is just a great, affordable addition to our current marketing strategy.'